November 05, 2010

The Best Morning

5th November 2010

It all started at 12.06am,when she asked me to wake her up at 3am later. i was familliar with 4am but she wanted to wake up at 3 because she didn't had a chance to study her subject(Sejarah) during the day. so okay,i decided to stay up until 3am and told her to go to sleep A.S.A.P..

what i did until 3am? yes,brilliant question. sticked my hands to this keyboard and to my Physics mini reference book. what could be better than Facebook + Physics book? Face Physics! whether you want it or not.haha get it? hm.

3am,finally. "Rise and shine sleepyhead! :D" sharp,3:00am.
no reply.
then i called her at answer.
called her again at answer.
and again at 3.07.still no answer.
at 3.08,"Hey,thanks.",text message.

FUH! lega hati.dia dah i'll take my 15 minute nap sekejap.
set my alarmclock,3.30am. tried to sleep. sekali dah 3.30am,baru nak hayai..takpelah.
i was curious of what's she doing by then,so i called her answer. WHAT THE...
haha tak sedar hantar text.main sebaaat je minah ni.
called again. nnnope,no answer. sampailah...

3.37am. the best morning-phone-conversation ever. merepek merepek merepek saampailah
4.02am.dah habis,1,2,3,bye,letak.

and the best part of this story is,she was the one yang nak bangun at 3am and study.
haha padahalll.. after the phone call,dia mandi,solat isyak,and sambung bermimpi.

baiklah,dah habis berdialog kat situ,terus ambik wuduk,got her text message,and terus takbirratulihram untuk isyak... ha,ambik kau. lewat lewatkan isyak kan afdhal.i'll make a confirmation about that today.alright?

okay,jom study jom. SPM.


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