February 09, 2012


something happened between me and my parents this week and last week.
but i hope everything is okay now. i am truly sorry for my foolishness.

i just want to say this,
apa apa pun jadi,kalau marah sangat sangat pun dengan mak,bapak,kakak,abang,adik,
just remember that they're the only ones who will most probably save you in the afterlife(akhirat).

think of all the sacrifices your parents made for you. think of all their money spent just for you. tak payah campur pampers adik abang kakak. kau punya je pun dah beribu ringgit aku rasa? 

so i think that is all. 
but sometimes i also tend to lose my temper. but i shouldn't. 
someone made me realise,and i love that someone. 
bebeh i.


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