February 26, 2011

satu lagi lagu.

yes,Linkin Park
my childhood Top No.1 Most Favourite band. 
their older songs sound better than their new songs.
but this one caught my ears.

"God bless us everyone

We're a broken people living under loaded gun
And it can't be outfought
It can't be outdone
It can't be outmatched
It can't be outrun

God save us everyone
Will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns?
For the sins of our hands
The sins of our tongues
The sins of our fathers
The sins of our young

Lift me up
Let me go  "


1 comment:

  1. doh,aku dpd darjah tiga minat linkin park. lagu lama lg best dpd skrg. yg latest punya aku agak suka waiting for the end.