March 10, 2011

so far so good

To the guys out there,
if you're a normal guy like me,and you are also falling so deeply in too much love with a fantastic girl,then please take these simple advices ;

1. pray to Good God everyday for your,your family's,her and her family's safety and sins.
2. never leave her for good.please. you wouldn't want them to say,"hm,lelaki,biasala tu !", right?
3. try telling her how much you love her,without literally saying it,or texting it or even typing it to her every once in a while. actions speak better than anything. i think. 
4. bare in mind,trust is everything.if you're a girl,and you're totally reading this right now,then play your role as well. 
5. if these don't work.then dude,we both would really need an expensive vacation like Britney. 




  1. well, love it ozzy.nice one.

  2. yeah! ini sangat betol terbaek meletup giler.hha

  3. Patutla lately asyik tanye my opinions je haha. Just to add up, #6: dont hesitate to ask how she feels about something u do. whether she likes it or not. cause men are so not good mindreaders kan ;) good luck to u and ur bunga ♥