January 11, 2011

big boys can cry kan?

i've watched 2 sad movies since last night.
and i cried. tak la nangis stock teresak-esak.tapi air mata keluar ah.setitik je.itu sebab control macho habis. padahal tengah sorang-sorang je.
now i know i still DO HAVE a heart.

during the last days of school,a lot of people cried.sebab nak berpisah dengan member lah,awek lah,cikgu lah,tulah nilah.
lama takkan jumpa lah bagai. but i didn't drop a single tear.
well,i did. tapi bukan time salam peluk cium kawan.
tapi time budak-budak form 2 buat their presentation.setitik.JE.
cool kan?

one of my closest and bestest aunties died of Brain Annerysm last year.i watched her last condition on her hospital bed. i only dropped a single tear.
not at the time when i saw her coffin being carried out and burried.but when i saw how my parents cried over her death.
one of my bestfriends also died last year.motorcycle & trailer accident.also a single tear drop time tengah solat jenazah di rumah cousin dia.and not at the time when i joined carrying his coffin.

and there's another movie that made me excrete water from my eyes.i mean,my eye.
sebelah je. which was "Khabi Kushi Khabi Gham".
salah eja ketak?wtv.but itu lah dia.
so now i can tell Wan Afif,aku ni normal. and again, I DO HAVE A HEART. dan hati aku ni tak keras macam batu.
and thank God. :D