May 18, 2011

sedar something tadi,

maybe my hopes were/are too high,
so when it turns out the other way around,
maybe i couldn't take it,
and maybe i tend to do things without thinking.

nampak tak? hm.

macamana kalau orang kata, you're trying too hard ?
or, you're repeating the same old mistake you did before ?

i hope i'm not. eventhough it seems like there's also a big black hole at the end of it,
but i still think this one's worth the risk..mmhm.yep. macam lebih kurang 50-50 chance ah kot.
entah? rasa bebebebobobobobodo lah pulak.

i never thought this would've gone this far. sangat bumpy..
letih pun letih. bengang pun bengang. lawak pun lawak.
besar nanti dah ada anak cucu confirm kena gelak punya lah post ni dengan cerita disebalik tabir nya ni.

payah bila dah stuck with the past.
kalau boleh anggap semua tu as childhood memories + memorable stories saja kan senang cerita.
tapi apa boleh buat,sendiri yang tanamkan,sendiri yang tumbangkan lah. kan?

there's more to come,i hope i can deal with them correctly.
but this waiting right now never stops. well,maybe it will.but,don't count on it.
i'll just keep my head low.and wait. maybe that's the only way people do it. heh?

i should be sleeping krohhkrohh right now. esok nak prepare berjuta untuk UiTM. haihh 
i hope i'm on the right track.
new friends,
new places,
new subjects,
new life,
new stories.
and hopefully,the same old M.Uzair. 
(tak old sangat lah kan)


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